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Our Story

In 2011, WellHealth Community Medical Associates established itself as Nevada's first and only commercial Accountable Care Network. Our comprehensive healthcare delivery system was designed from the ground up to improve the provider, payor, and patient experience by specifically focusing on positive outcome measures and overall patient satisfaction.

The WellHealth Network has become the network for local healthcare professionals who are looking for an innovative approach to patient care. How? WellHealth offers pay-for-performance and value-based models that measure patient care and control costs based on standard quality criteria and metrics.

Our Values

At WellHealth, we understand healthcare systems can often be difficult to navigate, and there is more to the equation than billing and balances. All too often, Providers are reimbursed unfairly or their claims are not paid in a timely fashion, Payors have to battle with non-compliant members or with providers who constantly refer patients out of network, and Patients are left floundering through the most harrowing experiences of their lives without guidance or support.

WellHealth understands the challenges of the current healthcare system and seeks to create and establish processes and avenues to ease your largest concerns. Healthcare is a partnership between Providers, Payors, and Patients: each shareholder needs and relies on the other, and WellHealth is proud to facilitate that partnership as illustrated by our core values:

  • Innovation

    WellHealth has been at the forefront of healthcare innovation for many years. Although change is often viewed negatively, WellHealth sees opportunity for growth and advancement. Charging into the unknown and embracing possibilities is where we find our strength.

  • Access

    Our vision hinges on providing adequate and appropriate access to match a multitude of needs. Our unique contract agreements allow providers to access each of our payor partners, and vice versa. Network adequacy allows members ample access to care, and our Healthcare Advocate and Provider Advocate teams provide access to support and assistance for members and providers alike.

  • Quality

    Quality has always been a core foundation of WellHealth, and we have built our network on that same principle. Our Network Providers are held to the highest quality standards, from credentialing to clinical services, ensuring quality care that results in improved outcomes and an enhanced healthcare experience.

  • Accountability

    We believe that successful and lasting partnerships are built on trust, and trust is built by being accountable to your obligations. We hold our providers accountable for the quality of care that they provide, but we also hold our payors accountable for their contractual promises, and by being accountable, patients are able to get the care they deserve.

Technology Platforms


Referral Management

par8o (pronounced pär/āt/o) is a simple electronic program that allows providers to send referrals directly to other providers on behalf of members. par8o is WellHealth’s chosen referral management system designed to promote communication and coordination between PCP providers and Specialists, while simultaneously reducing both patient inaction and network leakage. par8o is designed to ensure that patients always gain access to the care that they need and are never lost to follow up.

With par8o, decision support including network participation, plan design, provider clinical preferences, and appointment availability is visible to referring providers and staff right at the point of referral. par8o integrates directly with your EMR workflow and makes managing your provider network and patient referrals a standardized process across your enterprise.

WellHealth Virtual Care

WellHealth has created a unique and comprehensive approach to virtual care that includes but is not limited to: teletherapy, telemedicine, population virtual health coordination, and a branded app for ease of patient and provider use.

Virtual care allows for more connectivity between all healthcare parties involved in one’s care. It also can lead to significant savings and increased quality in patient care.


WellHealth in the Community To view more photos and get information about future events visit our Newsroom

WellHealth is proud to be able to be actively engaged in the community and beyond. We encourage all of our staff to volunteer regularly, and we apply our time and resources to take steps toward bettering our community.

Choose Your Healthy

A health and wellness initiative isn't boring. Why? Because YOU have choices!

Choose Your Healthy will give you the tools to build your own version of healthy. Anything from grocery shopping tips, recipes for in-season foods, fun workouts that don't feel like exercise and access to the best preventative care tips.
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  • Local Community Partners Supported:

    • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Light the Night Walk
    • Women's Resource Center of Nevada
    • Public Education Foundation
    • Clark County Medical Society
    • Child Haven
    • Peggy's Closet
    • Red Rock Elementary School
    • Las Vegas HEALS
    • Carefast/Storck Cycling
    • Bishop Gorman High School
    • Nevada Academy of Family Physicians
    • Local Health Fairs
    • Volunteers of Southern Nevada Medicine
    • UNLV Fine Arts
    • American Heart Association
    • Clark County School District
    • Tools For Teachers
    • Hashtag Lunchbag
    • Salvation Army
    • Cyclo-Cross
  • Over $125,000 donated to local nonprofits

    Over 500 hours of combined community service